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How do I Rent a City Facility?

Rent the Auditorium, Community Building, Cribbs Field, Snack Shack, or a room at the Historic Grammar School…

Hold your next meeting, reunion, family function, fair or other special event at our location!!

The Sutter Creek Community Center, located at 33 Church Street and the Auditorium, located at 18 Main Street are available to rent. Our Community Center measures 1,360 sq. ft. with a maximum capacity of 101. Our Auditorium measures 4,368 sq. ft. with a maximum capacity of 393. Tables and chairs, cooking facilities and restrooms are available.

Cribbs Field and the Snack Shack may be rented individually or together. The Historic Grammar School offers rooms to rent, each with a maximum capacity of 49.

Facility fees, which are based on the Sutter Creek City Council’s desire to make the facilities available to all members of the community at a reasonable cost, vary and insurance is required.

Call (209) 267-5647 ext. 229 for further details and availability.

Sutter Creek is a General Law City, which means it is organized in accordance with provisions of the State Government Code.

City of Sutter Creek Vision Statement

We the citizens of Sutter Creek envision the future of our community as preserving our sense of the past and maintaining the historic integrity of our buildings, artifacts, landscape,greenbelt and natural environment with a strong sense of community and quality of life; and that our managed growth will honor the above, will be patterned after historic walkable neighborhoods and will include the educational needs of our community within these neighborhoods, clear edges between cities, thriving local businesses, parks, playgrounds and walking paths throughout the community, will generate revenues to meet community needs and will provide an inspiration planning model for other communities in the region.