Agendas & Minutes (2019)

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City Council
11-18-19 agenda packet
11-04-19 meeting cancellation
10-21-19 agenda packet
10-07-19 agenda packet
09-16-19 agenda packet minutes
09-03-19 agenda packet minutes

08-19-19 agenda packet
08-05-19 agenda packet minutes

07-15-19 agenda packet minutes
Attachments to Item 9B- General Plan Update Documents:
GP Volume I
GP Volume II
GP Volume III
GP Volume IV
Sutter Creek GP ISND 2019

07-01-19 meeting cancellation
06-17-19 agenda packet minutes
06-03-19 agenda packet minutes

05-20-19 agenda packet minutes
Attachment to Item 8C- GP APR
Attachments to Item 9B- General Plan Update Documents:
GP Volume I
GP Volume II
GP Volume III
GP Volume IV
Sutter Creek GP ISND 2019

05-06-19 agenda packet minutes
04-15-19 agenda packet minutes
04-01-19 meeting cancellation
03-18-19 agenda packet minutes
03-04-19 agenda packet minutes
02-19-19 (City Council) agenda packet minutes
02-19-19 (GP Workshop) agenda packet minutes
02-04-19 (GP Workshop) meeting postponement
02-04-19 (City Council) meeting cancellation
02-04-19 (City Council) agenda packet
02-04-19 (GP Workshop) agenda packet
01-22-19 (GP Workshop)  agenda GP Update Nov 2018 minutes
01-22-19 agenda packet minutes
01-07-19 agenda packet minutes

Planning Commission
11-12-19 meeting cancellation
10-15-19 agenda packet
09-09-19 agenda packet
08-12-19 agenda packet minutes
07-08-19 meeting cancellation
06-10-19 agenda packet minutes

Design Review Committee
11-20-19 agenda packet
11-06-19 agenda packet
10-16-19 agenda packet
10-02-19 meeting cancellation
09-18-19 agenda packet minutes
09-04-19 meeting cancellation

Promotions Committee
11-19-19 agenda packet
10-24-19 agenda
09-17-19 agenda packet
08-20-19 agenda
07-16-19 meeting cancellation
06-18-19 agenda
05-21-19 agenda
04-16-19 meeting cancellation
03-19-19 agenda
02-19-19 meeting cancellation
01-22-19 agenda
01-15-19 meeting rescheduled

Finance Committee
11-19-19 agenda packet
05-28-19 agenda packet
05-13-19 agenda packet
04-22-19 agenda
04-08-19 agenda packet
04-01-19 agenda packet
03-11-19 agenda packet

Sewer Committee
09-10-19 agenda packet
08-05-19 agenda

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you are a disabled person and you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in one of these meetings, please contact the City Office, at 209-267-5647. Requests must be made as early as possible and at least two full working days before the start of the meeting.