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Agendas & Minutes (2013)

City Council
12-23-13  Special Meeting agenda   minutes
12-16-13  agenda  minutes
12-12-13  Special Meeting agenda minutes
12-02-13  agenda  packet minutes
Item7 Architectural Design Standards
11-18-13  Cancellation Notice
11-14-13  Special Meeting agenda
packet minutes
11-04-13  agenda  packet minutes
10-21-13  agenda  packet minutes
10-07-13  agenda  packet minutes
09-19-13  Special Meeting agenda
09-16-13  agenda  packet minutes
09-03-13  agenda  packet minutes
08-19-13  agenda  packet minutes
08-05-13  agenda  packet minutes
packet item#5
site plan continuance
07-15-13  agenda  packet minutes
07-01-13  agenda  packet minutes
06-17-13  agenda  packet minutes
Draft Budget
06-03-13  agenda  packet minutes
05-20-13  agenda  packet minutes
05-06-13  agenda  packet minutes
04-15-13  agenda  packet minutes
04-01-13  agenda  packet minutes
Item#5 Aces Increase
03-18-13  agenda  packet: 1  2
03-04-13  agenda  packet minutes
02-19-13  agenda  packet minutes
02-12-13  Special Meeting minutes
agenda  packet  MND_packet
02-04-13  agenda  packet minutes
01-22-13  agenda  packet minutes
01-07-13  agenda  packet minutes

Amador Regional Sanitation Authority
06-26-13  Agenda
11-13-13  Agenda  Packet
10-02-13  Agenda  Packet
08-28-13  Agenda  Packet
07-24-13  Cancellation Notice
06-26-13  Agenda
05-22-13  Agenda  Packet
04-24-13  Cancellation Notice
04-01-13  Agenda  Packet
03-27-13  Agenda  Packet
02-27-13  Cancellation Notice
01-23-13  Cancellation Notice

Planning Commission
12-09-13  Cancellation Notice
11-12-13  agenda  packet
10-15-13  Cancellation Notice
09-09-13  agenda  packet
Items: 2A-3  4  5
08-12-13  Cancellation Notice
07-22-13  agenda  packet
07-08-13  Cancellation Notice
05-13-13  Cancellation Notice
04-22-13  agenda  packet
Public Hearing
03-11-13  agenda   Packet:   2
02-11-13  Cancellation Notice
01-14-13  Cancellation Notice

Architectural Review Committee
05-06,13,20-13  agenda
02-25-13  agenda
02-11-13  agenda
02-04-13  agenda

Development Review Committee
10-10-13  agenda
07-02-13  agenda
05-07-13  agenda
02-05-13  agenda  packet

Finance Committee
11-04-13  agenda
09-30-13  agenda
07-09-13  agenda

Sewer Committee
10-29-13  agenda  packet
08-19-13  agenda
08-12-13  agenda  packet
03-04-13  agenda  packet

Downtown Plaza
10-10-13  agenda
09-10-13  agenda
08-13-13  agenda
06-19-13  agenda
05-15-13  agenda
03-20-13  agenda
01-16-13  agenda

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you are a disabled person and you need a disability-related accommodation to participate in one of these meetings, please contact the City Office, at 209-267-5647. Requests must be made as early as possible and at least two full working days before the start of the meeting.

City of Sutter Creek Vision Statement

We the citizens of Sutter Creek envision the future of our community as preserving our sense of the past and maintaining the historic integrity of our buildings, artifacts, landscape,greenbelt and natural environment with a strong sense of community and quality of life; and that our managed growth will honor the above, will be patterned after historic walkable neighborhoods and will include the educational needs of our community within these neighborhoods, clear edges between cities, thriving local businesses, parks, playgrounds and walking paths throughout the community, will generate revenues to meet community needs and will provide an inspiration planning model for other communities in the region.